PeakXD is a customer research and experience design consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia. We collaborate with our clients to help them achieve their business goals by facilitating the design of customer centric digital experiences and services.


User research and customer insights, user experience, usability testing, service design and journey mapping.


Whether you want to deepen your existing UX knowledge or move into the UX field, our training courses in UX and service design provide both theoretical principles and practical tools and methods.


Build your organisation's UX capability with our UX mentoring services.

Why PeakXD


We only take on work that we believe improves the world and we perform it ethically and with integrity


We take pride in our work and aim for quality outcomes for our clients


We work with our clients to deliver the most rigorous approach their budget will allow


We love what we do and how it positively impacts the world


We work collaboratively with clients to build customer empathy and ensure skills are retained by our clients


We're not serious all the time

What people say about us

“Outputs were of a high standard and always delivered on time. Engaging Peak helped to get past our assumptions and deliver a better product.”

John Scullen

Australian Access Federation

“PeakXD were very responsive and provided high standard of service levels. PeakXD were positive in problem solving and adaptive to our requirements.”

Kate Spyby

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

“The feedback we received was very comprehensive and concise. The end report was written to allow both 'techie and non-techie' audiences alike to understand the recommendations.”

Joe Darcy

Queensland Urban Utilities