3 Day UX Course & Certification Course Outline

What you'll experience during the 3 Day UX training course. Learn the techniques needed to effectively implement user centred design approaches in your workplace or your next role.

Course 1

Introduction to UX design
  • Different design approaches
  • Overview of the user centred design process
  • Return on investment of UX design
  • Benefits of user centred design
  • UX versus UI – what’s the difference
  • ISO Stardard 9241:210
  • Design thinking & double diamond
  • Defining your problem before designing your solution
  • Understanding the business problem or requirements

Course 2

User and customer research
  • Understanding your users
  • Discount (low cost) user research methods
  • Traditional user research methods
  • Behavioural vs opinion based research
  • Quantitative vs qualitative research
  • User task analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Personas
  • Empathy maps
  • User stories

Course 3

Collaborative design & IA
  • How to run a collaborative design workshop to engage stakeholders or users
  • Sketching, wireframing and prototyping
  • Validated learning
  • Wireframe design tools and technologies
  • Understanding user mental models
  • Card sorting activities with users
  • Card sorting - facilitated versus remote
  • Information architecture design & menu schemas
  • How users navigate
  • IA and navigation design
  • IA testing tools and technologies

Course 4

User behaviour and design principles
  • Interaction design principles & usability heuristics
  • Presentation design principles e.g. Gestalt theory, visual hierarchy etc
  • User confidence, trust and credibility
  • Accessibility
  • Writing effective content for the web, literacy and readability
  • Forms and application design principles including input controls, dealing with data, error handling, progressive disclosure etc
  • Human cognition & design implications

Course 5

Usability testing
  • What to test and when in the development lifecycle
  • Where to test - field studies versus internal offices / meeting rooms versus usability laboratory
  • Design a usability study and writing a test plan
  • Recruiting test participants
  • Moderating test sessions
  • Tips and traps for successful usability tests
  • Evaluating results
  • Testing tools, technologies and logistics
  • Communicating test results and convincing stakeholders

Course 6

Mobile & tablet UX
  • Designing for tap
  • Mobile design principles – what is different for mobile
  • Prototyping for mobile
  • Testing mobile

Course 7

Maintaining and evolving your site or application
  • Managing change
  • Site maintenance
  • Evolving your site after launch

Course 8

Implementing a UX approach in your organisation
  • Selling the benefits of UX to stakeholders and sceptics in your organisation
  • Integrating UX methods into existing development methodologies
  • Lean UX and Agile

UX Certification

BCS Practice exam

Success Stories

See what our students say

"Very practical skills I can take back to improve our business and provide better services to users. "

Cathy N


"Great course to build another level of customer/user understanding, helpful for project work."

Liz Meier


"This course was excellent, covering UX principles and how they can be applied in practice."

Glen Macdonald