2 Day Service Design Course

Hands-On CX Training in-house for your team

  • Learn about design thinking and problem framing over 2 full days
  • Learn by doing with practical activities and group work
  • Detailed training manual plus access to a soft-copy post-course

Looking to break down organisational silos and design great customer facing services?

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We know! Services are tricky.

There is not a single product we can touch and feel and easily improve, but rather a range of touchpoints, that your customers experience over minutes, days or months. Services are often delivered by different parts of the organisation and it can be a daunting task to try and improve them. Where do you even start?

In PeakXD's 2 day service design course we will guide you through the phases of a service design with lots of hands on activities, group exercises and tips for facilitating these processes, so you can put it to work in your own organisation!

You will learn techniques such as Customer Journey mapping, problem framing, concept ideation and service blueprinting and the practical guidance as to how you work collaboratively across silos.

What you'll learn at our 2-Day Service design course

Introduction to Service Design

  • Understand the basic concepts of Human Centred Design, UX and Service Design.
  • Understand the key stages of the service design approach and know what methods to apply when.
  • Identify intentionally and unintentionally designed services in own organisation.

Business goals

  • Understand the importance of establishing an understanding of the business and service objectives
  • Write a business stakeholder interview guide
  • Conduct a business stakeholder interview

Discovery and analysis

  • Define research objectives & research methods.
  • Design a research approach to address research objectives
  • Write an interview guide and conduct a user interview
  • Understand how to analyse a user interview and pull out key insights
  • Understand the process of create a customer Journey Map based on research with users

Problem framing

  • Understand how to reframe the problem based on new understanding from research
  • Ability to create ‘How might we…” statements that aligns with the scope of the project

Concept generation

  • Understand the value of idea generation and concept generation
  • Understand key elements in a co- creation workshop
  • Use ‘How might we..’ statements to generate new concepts
  • Techniques for presentation and critique


  • Understand common types of prototypes
  • Understand ways to prioritise ideas to prototype
  • Understand methods for generating a prototype

Testing your ideas

  • The value of testing your ideas with users

Sharing the vision

  • Understand the elements in a service blueprint
  • How to use co-creation to map and design a service blueprint

Who is this course for?

This is a foundational service design course for anyone who works in the design of customer activities – novice service designers, UX or CX professionals, product managers, designers, project leaders, managers, business analysts, developers, or anyone interested in learning about service design and how they can implement service design tools and techniques into their workplace.


Meet Tania ...

Trainer and principal

  • 20 years' experience as a user experience practitioner
  • Highly regarded and experienced trainer
  • Delivered training to over 1,850 participants
  • Founded PeakXD in 2003 - a leading Australian UX consultancy
  • Enjoys sharing stories from the trenches
  • Is passionate about CX and is a highly regarded industry leader

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