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Planning usability testing – Writing test plans

David Humphreys
July 28 2017

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Planning is a critical part of the usability testing process. Without planning, your testing activity runs the risk of disorganisation at best and misleading or useless results at worst. Spending time planning will reduce the risks of the testing going off the rails and enhances the potential for great insights. This article explores the reasons for planning your usability testing process and just what you should think about. Hint: we mention checklists quite a bit.

Categories: Content,User centred design

UX Stands on the shoulders of Content Strategy

Dan Naumann
June 02 2017

Content is one of the main touchpoints between the user and the business. It is a core and critical part of the user experience. Content strategy and UX share similar goals and challenges. Content Strategy forms a foundation layer for UX activities, and UX activities (especially research and testing) serve to strengthen and improve content, thereby in turn improving the user experience.  This article explores some of the key overlapping themes between UX and Content Strategy.

Categories: Content,User centred design

Usability testing versus expert views: a comparison of usability evaluation methods

Tania Lang, Michael Zrobok
December 07 2016

Here at Peak our preferred usability evaluation method is to conduct testing of a site or system with real representative users. In this article we explore the pros and cons of expert reviews versus usability testing and draw on a recent project which had some unexpected outcomes which triggered this article.

Categories: Evaluation,ROI,Content,Tools & methods,User centred design

Writing effective mobile web content

Miranda Wee and Tania Lang
February 28 2012

Writing for the web takes practice, research and detachment. Effectively writing for the mobile web takes all this and more.

Categories: Content,Mobile & Tablet

Show me the money

David Humphreys
August 07 2009

Users expect to get a good idea of how much they are paying for goods & services.

Categories: Content,ROI

Usability of Council websites

Tania Lang and David Humphreys
May 13 2009

Common navigation and information architecture issues in local government websites.

Categories: Navigation & search,Content
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