Featured Students - Project Work

Jacqueline V

I'm currently halfway through the UX Accelerator program and am loving it so far. It has so far provided me a wealth of knowledge on UX. The course is very well-paced, explaining concepts through detailed videos, examples, and study guides.

The project we've focused on this intake is for MSF (Doctors Without Borders). It's been so helpful being able to apply the UX research and methodologies to a real project, providing valuable real world experience. On top of this, the work we are doing is going towards a meaningful cause.

The team is also very supportive of the students. The weekly coaching calls provide a collaborative environment to learn from other students and coaches with the ability for us to discuss concepts in and put them into practice.

We've also been given access to a variety of online tools to help us become familiarised with software that might actually be used in the industry. Helpful feedback is given each week to also help us iterate and improve upon our work.

I'm looking forward to what the rest of the course brings!

Jacqueline V

Software Engineer to UX Designer

Studying UX is something that I’ve been meaning to take up for the last couple of years. The fact that this was all online meant that I could continue working and not worry about having to commute to attend class. Coming from a design background, learning a lot of the visual aspects was second nature, especially as I really enjoy UI design. But it’s not just about making things visually appealing - it’s about learning the whole process. From ideation to testing, that’s what I’m finding really fascinating. I’m learning so much about what methods to implement and when, as well as techniques to gain better insights. PEAK XD has provided me with the knowledge and opportunity to put what I learn into practice with real projects.  

The course is great because we’re all going about it at our own pace and we all have different skillsets to apply to our work, so it’s nice to see things from other people's perspectives. The teaching staff are professional and collaborate with us to help in refining our work and pushing us in the right direction. 

I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. I’m 6 weeks into the PEAK XD Accelerated Course, and already have the confidence to take the next step in my career and get my foot in the door with UX.


Francis M

Design and Photography

Francis M

As someone transitioning into the UX Design space, I spent a lot of time researching the best way to start my UX journey. I recently completed the UX Accelerator program with Pead XD and have enjoyed every minute. Not only do you learn about all things UX, but you are guided by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience. 

The ability to apply what you are learning to a real client project is an amazing opportunity and really brings the learning to life. I have been so impressed that I have started project #2 with them to add to my experience.

Judy L

Physiotherapist to UX Designer

The UX Accelerator program is well-paced and perfectly designed for remote collaboration, even when all students are at different stages of the course. I can study while continuing to work full-time and keep up with family commitments.

I ask A LOT of questions and the team is so patient with me! I also love to hear the questions that other students ask too because it often reminds me that I wondered about the same thing, or it triggers new thoughts and ideas for me.

I was worried that I'd have to buy expensive software to complete the program but they've thought of that too! They provide students with multiple suggestions of online tools that can be used for different tasks and have even organised special (free) trial memberships so I can try a few out and see which I am most comfortable using.

What I really love about the UX Accelerator program is that it's run by people who currently work in the industry - not someone who took a UX course a few years ago and has been teaching it ever since.

They have real-life clients and student's work on real-life projects. This means I get to talk to real users and work with real data. And with that comes real challenges, which I'm able to learn how to overcome. It gives me something real to add to my portfolio, not just a few pretty UI designs from made-up projects, unlike a lot of other courses that are available.

Amy H

Payroll and Finance to UX Designer

Britta S

Very happy I joined Peak XD's Accelerator course! I was looking for a way to broaden my knowledge about UX and get some hands-on skills and best practice insights. The experience, knowledgeable and supportive team of Peak XD provided me with exactly that opportunity.

The course is structured well and nicely paced. The material is comprehensive. I was introduced to a lot of helpful and widely used tools of the trade.

The activities for the real-life client project were carefully designed to have you experienced the whole process, apply the methods and grow your skills by doing the work.

On top of the individual comments to our assignments, Miranda and Tania shared feedback relevant to the entire student group, answered questions, moderated discussions, and lead us through case studies in the weekly coaching calls.

Thanks again to the team of Peak XD!

Britta S

My main motivation for joining the Peak XD Accelerator Course was learning best-practice processes to round out my existing skill set to transition into UX Design. The topics covered in the learning modules were exhaustive and well structured, and the project work was essential in bringing the theory to life.

Often clients don’t have budget or time to do the proper process for a project, so it was invaluable to actually be able to do some hands-on work for every step in a UX project. All project activities were very well-thought-out, and excellent resources provided so that I never felt I was flying blind, even for the aspects of UX that I had no prior experience in.

The weekly coaching calls were extremely helpful, being exposed to many of the tools of the trade, and doing some activities together to work through the project. Learning from decades of first-hand experience cannot be underestimated – the coaching team has a wealth of knowledge to share.

I felt well supported throughout the entire course and am very happy with the skills I learned, and feel ready and well prepared to commence work in the UX field.

Kathrin K

Freelance Graphic Designer

Kathrin K

My experience with the Peak XD UX Accelerator course has been outstanding. Before signing up for the course I read a lot of books about UX design, but 'reading' and 'doing' are two different things! The Peak program brought everything to life. The course is a treasure trove of tips and tricks, and the real-life examples and case studies make it easy to understand how UX is applied in a range of different organizations.

Tania and Miranda are excellent trainers - patient, caring, and highly experienced in their field. They both made themselves very accessible, providing lots of opportunities to ask questions, and offering valuable feedback on weekly exercises.

I did a lot of research into UX courses before signing up with Peak XD. I took taster webinars at other training companies in Australia and spent a lot of time reading through the websites of training companies in the United States. I'm so glad I decided to go with Peak. They are a world-class UX training organization, and I recommend them without hesitation.

Sam C

Digital Project Manager

Rupert P

The course was comprehensive in what I could call the back-end of the design. It covered all the research aspects of how to start setting up a decent foundation for the user experience and the knowledge from the PeakXD team was very impressive in this regard.

It taught me to ensure that the foundation of what it is I am exactly designing is strong and the research is there to back it up before I even start building the house on top.

Overall, am very happy with this course I would recommend it to anyone who knows very little about design, like me a few months back.

Rupert P

Freelance UX Designer

Peak XD's UX Accelerator Program has been a great experience.

Coming into the UX field as a novice, I now feel far more knowledgeable, skilled and confident.

Working on a real life project, from the start to end has been an invaluable and fun experience, helping to cement the theory and practical skills required. The modular structure of the course is well paced and really allows skills to be built on week by week, bringing a sense of satisfaction as it all slots together.

The range of practical exercises, covering various different user research methods and testing approaches, allows you to gain first hand experience of the benefits of different approaches and leaves you feeling confident in being able to plan and conduct robust projects.

I've been really impressed with the support and regular feedback offered by the tutors. They are really attentive to your learning and clearly have vast knowledge and insights to share. I've loved seeing how their insights and words of wisdom play out in our project work!

Leonie W

Leonie W

I absolutely loved this course!!  The materials (and resources…so many resources) are current, the way it is delivered is engaging - using real-life examples and working on a real project helps to cement your learning.

I joined the course to round out my skills and get a piece of paper, but I got so much more out of it than I expected, as I realised my belief and experience with UX consultants in the past was deeply flawed.

The team that provides this course, in contrast, are brilliant, they really know what they are doing. 

I have no creative skills to speak of, but really enjoyed that part of the course learning about design, understanding the process, and extending myself. No matter where you are in your career, there are so many elements in this course that you can take away and apply to corporate life.

Thank you PeakXD for all your support – what a team!!

Paula C

System Analyst

I completed project work for the Surf Life Saving Foundation as part of a UX Accelerator course with PeakXD. The project required the completion of all aspects of the UX process, from initial meetings with the project sponsor to usability testing of delivered wireframes.

The UX Accelerator program is fantastic for all skill levels within the UX discipline. As a beginner, there is more than enough information and support to get you started. While as a more experienced UX designer, the course content and exercises assist in sharpening your skills and provide great exposure to new or unfamiliar areas.

Veronica J

UI/UX Designer with a background in software engineering

Veronica J

Featured student work

To give our students that real-world experience we run a project for a real client. These are all student work, some of them are very beginner and have no experience in UX work, others have been working in a digital role for many years.

Our aim is for each of our students to create a “cookie-cutter free” portfolio that is unique even if working on the same project.