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Compare our online and in-person intensive courses to decide which is the best UX course. Our online and a in-person UX design courses have been specially designed for your success by leaders in the industry.

Choose the best UX course for you

UX Essentials

  • Flexible, online learning that aims to fill your specific UX gaps and teach you UX foundations
  • 50 hours effort (approx)

$250 - $1,997 USD

What's included

  • 10 Modules with 78 video lessons
  • 30+ UX Templates
  • Monthly group coaching call
  • Bonus one day hands-on workshop twice yearly

Choose this if...

  • You work in digital & want to learn UX basics
  • You work in UX & want to gain confidence
  • You want to fill specific UX knowledge gaps
  • You want flexible online UX training
  • You are stuck at home & want to skill up
  • You are self-motivated & need little coaching
  • You want to pay monthly & stop any time

UX Accelerator

  • A more rigorous 13 week online course that gives you skills and experience to launch your UX career
  • 100 - 150 hours effort

$3,497 USD

What's included

  • 10 Modules with 78 video lessons
  • 30+ UX Templates
  • 10 x One on One coaching calls, and monthly interactive group coaching sessions
  • Work on a real UX project for a real client
  • UX certification assessment
  • Bonus UX tools & technology licences
  • Create a unique UX Portfolio

Choose this if...

  • You're serious about a career in UX
  • You want to leverage your existing skills
  • You are new to UX or have little experience
  • You want to collaborate & work with a team
  • You want to work on a real client project
  • You want to build your portfolio at home
  • You want structured online UX training
  • You want feedback from UX coaches

3 Day UX Course In-Person

  • Be prepared to learn, get involved and inspired in this highly interactive 3 day UX course.
  • 24 hours effort

$2,397 - $2,997 AUD

What's included

  • Carefully curated 3 Day UX design curriculum
  • Learn UX fundamentals and how it's done in the real world
  • Highly interactive and room for asking questions
  • 15+ hands-on activities and workshop techniques
  • 30+ UX templates & 78 online lessons *
  • Industry recognised UX certification assessment *
  • * Optional. Additional fees apply

Choose this if...

  • You can come to Brisbane or Canberra (very limited spots)
  • You prefer 3 days of intensive learning
  • Your employer prefers a short course
  • You enjoy great catering and coffee!

Success stories

The course was packed full of useful information and tools/tips. It is very timely with the work we need to do in the coming months.

Jenny Hughes

SA Government

The course is everything it promised to be - skills focused in a highly practical and process-driven way, aptly grounded in theory and focused on the craft rather than specific tools. The quality of engaged feedback and guidance is a strong indicator of the PeakXD team's collective experience, professionalism, and mentoring culture.

Tim Pilbrow Ph.D.

UX Accelerator Alumni

The UX Accelerator program is fantastic for all skill levels within the UX discipline. As a beginner, there is more than enough information and support to get you started. While as a more experienced UX designer, the course content and exercises assist in sharpening your skills and provide great exposure to new or unfamiliar areas.

Veronica J