Usability testing

Usability testing is the best way to learn if you are providing value or headaches for your users.

Testing should not be just another checkmark on a project plan, there should be a goal for why you are testing and the findings should be applied to improving the experience.

Our expert consultants are available to test and evaluate your website, providing you with documented evidence and easy to follow recommendations.

Moderated testing icon

Moderated testing

Using a combination of verbal feedback with observation of actual user behaviour and non-verbal cues provides deep understanding of the usability issues experienced on your site or system and can provide recommendations to improve the overall user experience.

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Remote testing

Testing without moderation is a cost effective approach when seeking quantitative data about what users are doing on your site or system.

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Mobile & tablet testing

Responsive design and device optimised content are essential for today's constantly connected web user. Let us assess your mobile or app based experience to help ensure that your users remain your users.

Client testimonial

“Peak has helped us refocus our efforts on making our website as useful and useable as possible for its intended audience. They identified and documented a number of usability issues with our website that we already knew (or thought we knew), which was very helpful, but more importantly they identified a number of issues we weren't even aware of. Having neutral, expert external advice that focuses on the user's point of view is invaluable.”

Robert Gerrity – University of Queensland

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Expert usability reviews

While talking to real users is always the best source of data the next best thing is getting a usability expert to assess your site or system. Being able to identify usability problems quickly and cheaply can help solve many common problems.

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Accessibility audits

Good accessibility equals good UX. An inaccessible website shuts out any users who rely on assistive technologies to read your content. Turning away potential customers is just bad business practice so talk to us about how we can help.