UX & service design

By merging business drivers and customer requirements we take a holistic approach to optimising the interactions between our clients and the people they serve.

  • Understanding both the front and back of business interactions is integral to finding the “fail points” that cost your business in the long run.
  • We advocate for co-design and iterative prototyping thereby ensuring human centric research drives project outcomes.
  • Digital and real world interactions no longer need be seen as separate when your customer only sees it as how your business treats them.
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Co-design workshops

By facilitating users and subject matter experts through participatory design activities we help to co-create a product or service that will be truly user-centred while addressing business needs.

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Information architecture

Making sure your site is navigable requires organising the content structure through categorisation. Using your primary user’s viewpoints to shape the labelling & ordering is then validated through testing.

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Like an architect’s blueprint for a house, wireframes depict the structure of a website or app minus the decorative bits. These can be static or interactive and are ideal for early stage concept testing or guiding your development team during production.

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Customer experience mapping

Communicating how a user’s relationship with your business is experienced through a customer journey map provides a high level visual narrative set over time and across channels (online and offline).

Client testimonial

"Peak understood our requirements and adapted all solutions to fit in with our culture and business needs. The team was professional and ensured that all designs were what we required…"

Melissa Iliadis - Australian Catholic University

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The best way to understand the limitations of a concept is to simulate the characteristics of the intended digital product or real world service. Prototypes are the best device for inexpensively learning what works (and what doesn’t).

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Service blueprints

Being able to see with clarity how the customer interactions and the back-end operational processes affect your business holistically is achieved through blueprinting.

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Interaction design

Within a mobile friendly website or complex application the use of intended motion and state changes can enhance the user experience. Depicting or documenting these interactive elements help guide your development team during production.

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Visual design

Our visual designers work within your brand guidelines to deliver a superior creative direction with both design files and a style guide created for your developers as outputs.