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Mobile UX Part 1: Menu burgers and navicons

Tania Lang and Melanie Wieland
August 01 2014

The three line 'burger' icon has become a common convention for menu buttons on mobile interfaces, but do users understand what it means? Our recent research provided some interesting insights.

Categories: Mobile & Tablet,Design patterns

Optimising your site's internal search using metadata

Amber Dean
May 01 2014

Metadata is important, and often critical, to the findability and general information organisation of your site. This is an article on how metadata can improve site search, it is not about improving SEO to attract users to your site.

Categories: Navigation & search

The ABC Vote Compass is a usability winner

David Humphreys
August 01 2013

Vote Compass is a survey tool designed to help you understand which of the three major parties (they include the Greens) most closely resembles your political leanings. We look at the components that make this survey highly usable.

Categories: ROI,Design patterns,User centred design

8 Lessons in Mobile Usability Testing

Tania Lang
May 01 2013

If you’re new to mobile usability testing, fear not. It is not as hard as you might think but there are some key differences from testing a traditional website in a lab that you need to be aware of.

Categories: Usability testing,Mobile & Tablet

Designing a robust user research approach

Amber Dean
February 01 2013

Designing a robust user research approach is about minimising bias, and maximising the validity and reliability of your research. Triangulation is a process you can use to help get your research ‘into shape’.

Categories: User research,Tools & methods

UX Tools and Stocking Stuffers 2012

David Humphreys and Tania Lang
December 01 2012

We share our favourite UX tools and techniques with you. Because it's Christmas! Really! We look at accuracy in reporting, IA testing with Treejack, remote testing with Loop11 and more!

Categories: Tools & methods
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