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Remote Usability Testing - A Christmas ghost story

David Humphreys
December 01 2015

Some usability testing with real users is always better than none. If time and budget are short there are some great online tools out there to get the job done.

Categories: Usability testing

Responsive disclosure, forms & Frodo Baggins

Milena Jovanovich and David Humphreys
November 01 2015

Responsive disclosure is an effective design pattern to reduce the cognitive load on users who are completing a form or process. Learn in this article about how to implement it successfully.

Categories: Design patterns

The Joy of UXing: The beginner's guide to UX design

Miranda Wee, Milena Jovanovich, David Humphreys
September 01 2015

Creating a good customer experience is a lot like baking a cake - there are key ingredients essential to include and a recipe you need to follow to get the best outcome. Sure, there are out of the box solutions nowadays that can make this process much easier, but quality ingredients combined with a methodical approach will yield a much better experience for the consumer (and a more delicious cake).

Categories: User research,User centred design

UX of university websites: Usability issues

Tania Lang, Christine Kowalski, Michael Zrobok, and David Humphreys
May 01 2015

In Part 2 of our UX of university websites article, we focus on university website users’ usability issues. Find out what issues current and prospective students had when using university websites.

Categories: University UX

UX of university websites: User needs

Tania Lang, Christine Kowalski, Michael Zrobok, and David Humphreys
April 01 2015

Our university clients are starting to focus on understanding their users and their needs but, there’s still room for improvement. Find out what info current and prospective students want to see on university websites.

Categories: University UX

Mobile UX Part 2: Sticky headers

Tania Lang and Melanie Wieland
November 01 2014

Sticky headers and persistent menus are becoming widely adopted and preferred by many desktop users. But are they effective for navigating sites on mobile devices? Read about our recent research and what we found.

Categories: Mobile & Tablet,Design patterns
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