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How to build an effective chatbot user experience (UX) strategy

Khai Ng
February 08 2019

Chatbots have been the buzz word and a number of businesses are jumping on board with it. Companies have been using chatbots to serve end-users or customers - whether it is to process their enquiries or booking through a chat platform. Although the use of chatbots has grown in popularity, the number of existing chatbots are not optimised for user's experience. This article provides a brief introduction to chatbots, and more importantly addresses the core issue around chatbot user experience (UX). Further, we go into details around how to ask the right questions when creating an effective chatbot strategy for an optimised user experience.

Categories: Usability testing,User centred design,Tools & methods

Moving away from persona templates: 8 traps and tips to make your personas work

Sophie Schmidt
June 15 2018

Most UX people have a love-hate relationship with Personas – and for good reasons! They can easily become a checklist item that no-one puts to proper use. In this article we will guide you through the common pitfalls in persona creation and use, and provide you with ideas on how to effectively utilise personas for future projects.

Categories: User centred design,Tools & methods,User research

Peak Usability is now PeakXD

Tania Lang
February 06 2018

I am excited to announce Peak Usability has now been renamed PeakXD (short for Peak eXperience Design). Why?

When I started Peak Usability 15 years ago I actually named it UX consulting but no one knew what UX meant (User eXperience for those of you who don't work in the industry). Back then most people’s understanding of user centred design went as far as ‘usability’. And let’s face it, in 2003 there were a lot of really bad websites offering poor user experiences due largely to usability issues. User experience is so much more than usability and people understand that now.

Categories: Usability testing,User centred design,Tools & methods

Moderating usability test sessions: Are you Darth Vader or C-3PO?

Miranda Wee and Tania Lang
August 23 2017

Helping participants’ complete tasks; tipping them off that they have made a mistake; giving them too much freedom or leading participants; these are all things inexperienced test moderators might find themselves doing when moderating a test session. This article explores some of the common mistakes and why they’re damaging to the test outcomes presented through 5 Star Wars archetypes. Learn how to be a good test moderator and how to avoid being one of these 5 archetypes.

Categories: Usability testing,User centred design,Tools & methods

Planning usability testing – Writing test plans

David Humphreys
July 28 2017

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Planning is a critical part of the usability testing process. Without planning, your testing activity runs the risk of disorganisation at best and misleading or useless results at worst. Spending time planning will reduce the risks of the testing going off the rails and enhances the potential for great insights. This article explores the reasons for planning your usability testing process and just what you should think about. Hint: we mention checklists quite a bit.

Categories: Content,User centred design

UX Stands on the shoulders of Content Strategy

Dan Naumann
June 02 2017

Content is one of the main touchpoints between the user and the business. It is a core and critical part of the user experience. Content strategy and UX share similar goals and challenges. Content Strategy forms a foundation layer for UX activities, and UX activities (especially research and testing) serve to strengthen and improve content, thereby in turn improving the user experience.  This article explores some of the key overlapping themes between UX and Content Strategy.

Categories: Content,User centred design
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