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Collaborative journey mapping

Amber Dean
May 09 2017

You’re probably all familiar with customer journey maps as a user research output and/or design tool. But their usefulness can also extend to the research process, especially when you are trying to understand user decision-making. That is, the journey map can be a useful visual tool for both participant and moderator in a one-on-one interview.

Journey maps can be used to map out users’ behaviour and delve into the beliefs, attitudes and emotions that underpin this behaviour.  When coupled with some research techniques grounded in cognitive psychology, you have a very sound and rigorous approach to understanding your user’s decision-making.

Categories: User research,User centred design,Design,Design patterns

Responsive disclosure, forms & Frodo Baggins

Milena Jovanovich and David Humphreys
November 01 2015

Responsive disclosure is an effective design pattern to reduce the cognitive load on users who are completing a form or process. Learn in this article about how to implement it successfully.

Categories: Design patterns

Mobile UX Part 2: Sticky headers

Tania Lang and Melanie Wieland
November 01 2014

Sticky headers and persistent menus are becoming widely adopted and preferred by many desktop users. But are they effective for navigating sites on mobile devices? Read about our recent research and what we found.

Categories: Mobile & Tablet,Design patterns

Mobile UX Part 1: Menu burgers and navicons

Tania Lang and Melanie Wieland
August 01 2014

The three line 'burger' icon has become a common convention for menu buttons on mobile interfaces, but do users understand what it means? Our recent research provided some interesting insights.

Categories: Mobile & Tablet,Design patterns

The ABC Vote Compass is a usability winner

David Humphreys
August 01 2013

Vote Compass is a survey tool designed to help you understand which of the three major parties (they include the Greens) most closely resembles your political leanings. We look at the components that make this survey highly usable.

Categories: ROI,Design patterns,User centred design

Content sharing & social networking buttons

Tania Lang
September 01 2012

Social networking buttons theoretically provide users with a seamless and quick way to easily share content with the click of a button. We conducted some recent research to find out how users want to share.

Categories: ROI,Design patterns
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